JAFO - 7-9th July 2016, Woy Woy (NSW)

JAFO - 7-9th July 2016, Woy Woy (NSW)

What / When / Where?

Peninsula Floorball club will be hosting our first Junior Australian Floorball Open (JAFO) on the 7-9th July 2016. The event will be held at the Peninsula Leisure Centre in Woy Woy.

We are looking to confirm numbers and clubs that are interested in competing. 

Age Divisions

The age divisions will be as follows:

  • Under 9's
  • Under 13's
  • Under 15's
  • Under 17's

These age divisions are based on participant's age as at 1st of January 2016.
These age divisions are also based on IFF guidelines. If a player or players would like to compete in an age group other than their allocated division, they may apply for an exemption.
These are exciting times for Junior Floorballers Australia wide. Peninsula Floorball Club is honoured to play such a pivotal role in the growth of higher competition and exposure to Junior athletes within Australia. 

Under 19 training camp (invitation only)

Congratulations you have been invited (see invitee list below) to participate in the 2016-2017 Floorball Australia Junior Accelerated Athlete's Academy program. You are invited to attend a training camp this Sunday 10th July 2016 for athletes under the age of 19. 

The camp aims to develop skills, knowledge, fitness and behaviours expected of an elite athlete, with a view to mentor and guide players on the requirements to attain selection in under 19 and open national teams.

The training camp will run from 10:00am until 2:00pm at Peninsula Leisure Centre. There will be experienced coaches and current national players leading the camp.


  • Andrew Fenton - Current under 19 Australian Women's Floorball coach and ex-Australian Men's player 
  • Peter Harris - Current under 19 Australian Men's Floorball coach and ex-Australian Men's player 
  • Jill Roberts - Current Australian Women's Floorball Captain
  • Leith (Tomma) Woods - Current Australian Women's Floorball Goalkeeper 
  • Karen Bowden - Ex-Australian Women's Floorball Player

The cost of the camp is free but invited players will need to bring their own lunch, a white and a black shirt.

Can you please contact Karen Bowden, by 3pm Saturday 9th July 2016, to confirm your attendance, or if you require any further information, via email karen_bowden@hotmail.com or phone 0434 402 256.

Karen Bowden, Vice President, Floorball Australia


  • Alexander Morison
  • Andrew Laznik
  • Claudio Lucini
  • Connor Sargeant
  • Conor McKeown-Munn GK
  • Daniel Gartner
  • David Noney
  • Eoin Broome
  • Fintan Boyle GK
  • Harrison Sargeant GK
  • Harry Falloon
  • Hayden Boyd
  • Jackson Munnings
  • Jacques Engelbrecht
  • Jordan Boyd
  • Jordon Noel
  • Jye Stephens
  • Liam McGregor
  • Lucas Carpenter
  • Max Hendrikx
  • Mitchell Brady
  • Noah Abell
  • Ryan Millar
  • Steven Collins GK
  • Steven Lamble
  • Tomas Gartner
  • William Crawford
  • Zanek Shaw


  • Teyjah Abell (Newcastle)
  • Astrid Bennett (Newcastle)
  • Madison Bycroft (Peninsula - Thunder)
  • Bianca Cheetham (Newcastle)
  • Karolina Kambersky (Northern Beaches)
  • Lisa Krebs (Northern Beaches)
  • Annie Lean (Pakenham)
  • Abbey Luttrell (Pakenham)
  • Emily Noney (Pakenham)
  • Gabi Palme (Northern Beaches)
  • Emma Street (Northern Beaches)
  • Alyssa Weaver (Pakenham)
  • Ballie Wheatley (Newcastle)
  • Emma Brandham (Peninsula - Thunder)
  • Scotia Broome (Western Exports)
  • Saige Engelbrecht (Peninsula - Thunder)
  • Maxi Ford (Western Exports)
  • Hannah Rayment (Western Exports)
  • Leisel Collins (Woy Woy)
  • Maddison Dixon (Woy Woy)
  • Courtney Gatt (Woy Woy)
  • Sophie Gartner (Northern Beaches)
  • Taylor Ison (Woy Woy)
  • Niamh Foran GK (Western Exports)
  • Isabelle Hamilton GK (Peninsula - Jedi)
  • Cara Horn GK (Northern Beaches)